Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For the love of 4 year olds

So my dear 4 year old daughter says to me this evening "Mommy, why is your belly still big?" I was frequently asked this from Jan 08-July 08 and the answer was easy... There's a baby in there. Tonight though, the question stung. I knew it would come ...it was just a matter of when. The brutally honest 4 year old brain. How can you not love it?

So, my belly is still big and I am still not doing anything about it. I keep thinking that with January 1st will come a miraculous change and I will no longer over eat and I will be motivated and I will exercise and I will... blah blah blah. again, we'll just have to see won't we? maybe if my daughter keeps asking me about my big belly I will get motivated to lose it.

Wanna talk about what I ate today? Oh, this is the fun part. Breakfast: fruit loops... another devil breakfast food. Why do I buy this crap? Lunch, my husband and I went to our favorite little dive, T-balls. Chicago Style hotdogs, another vice i will have to give up or at least limit, which I do now. I will just have to limit more I guess. Dinner was at home, a toss-in-the-oven lasagna, i didn't eat a ton of it so I will call that progress. What I did eat a ton of was the hot fudge brownie temptation from DQ. Yet another vice. We hadn't been out for ice cream in a while so we decided it was time.

How am I ever going to ditch these bad habits? Little by little I guess. If I try to do it all at once, I will certainly fail, without a doubt. Status check: Journal, going okay, Diet coke, not terrible, definitely less. Sugar... ugh, such an addiction!! If I could just kick that...

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