Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Sunday

It is a lazy day here today... I went back through a re-read my first post and it sounds like I have a self-esteem issue. This is very much not the case. I am just trying to be realistic and honest with myself! I love myself, just not my habits!

So, I skipped Friday and Saturday posts and today, well it is early. I have finished off the pop tarts. Let's see if I can avoid buying them now. As for the diet coke, well, I didn't have one yesterday. I had to have one today though. It is the damn caffine! It is killer. Maybe I should try coffee or tea or something. ugh....

I am definitely more aware of what I am putting in my mouth these days. It is not stopping me from grabbing the garbage, I am just hyper aware when I do. I am hopeful though, that this is the answer. Talking myself through it all and then hopefully changing habits.

We are off to Evansville this evening. More food. I will not over eat. I will not over eat. I will not over eat. I will not over eat. etc etc etc... Can I acronym it? IWNOE IWNOE IWNOE, maybe I will chant that as I grab a plate. My husband will for sure think I have lost it. :) WAIT how about this one... DWO DWO DWO Drink Water Only! This is fun, let's think of another... Just kidding.

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