Friday, February 27, 2009

Fat girls unite!

Ah, Friday... I love Fridays! This was a particularly (sp??) long week, between girl scout cookies and the food projects going on in the department, well, let's just say the scale is not going to be kind this week, i am sure. On a bright note though, I have tried to work out more to compensate. I hope to be surprised but yet I am going to be realistic!

Off that topic, I feel like making a banner that says "FAT GIRLS UNITE!". Nothing against you skinny people, I am truly happy that there are people in the world who don't have to worry too much about weight but there are some of us who are just consumed by it. Every bite that goes in our mouth becomes and obsession whether it is while we are shoving it in or after the fact. Even right now, the sucker in mouth is a thought! It is preventing me from running down and grabbing a candy bar!!

I had a long talk this week with a friend of a friend at a gathering and just for the record, i think she is so cute! I love her style and she is so fun to talk to! Anyway, who knows how it got brought up but she seems to be in the same boat as I am. I bet there are tons of girls out there just like me and her. I think we need to unite and help each other out! Not in a setting like weight watchers or some crazy slim fast support group, but some place where we can be real and just let it out. Therapy!! And if we get skinny, we'll still be in the group, not to flaunt but to celebrate! Hmmmm...

(PS who created the stupid name Slim Fast??? Anyone in their right mind should know that the words slim and fast are oxymorons!!!

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