Thursday, February 12, 2009

Count 'em... FOUR

Okay, off my butt now and back in gear. I didn't really fall of the wagon just the blog wagon. It takes time and that is something that I have been finding to be in short supply lately!

Without blogging though, I have been good. Not perfect but good. My sleep has been robbed lately so I have been having a coke here and there and a mocha every now and then but I still am only drinking water in the morning and throughout most of the day.

The biggest thing, well, maybe not the biggest but it is pretty big... I have lost FOUR pounds! It feels so good and I can honestly say that my pants feel just a little less tight. That is the best! I have to stay the path and keep going.

The biggest thing is that I now have a buddy in this journey and I am so excited. Now if we could just get connected for a workout or two!!

So as for my orginally stated goals, the coke habit... the journal... the eat less crap... I think I have done pretty well. It is time to add on. Remember baby steps!
Okay, so I haven't thought about any goals until just this moment when I typed that and I don't want to just slop something down just for the sake of making something up and filling this space. Goals, new goals, drum roll, what will they be??

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