Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How 'bout a little Self-talk?

I am so glad this is not a requirement... I suck at it! Oh well, a little effort is better than none, right? These last few days have been really rough as far as food is concerned. There have been food projects in classes and all the leftovers end up in the office and therefore part of my ass. It is also girl scout cookie time. WD bought 2 boxes, they lasted less than a day. My dear friend had her daughter call me and ask if i would buy from her. SNEAKY!!! Sure, I'll take two. How can I say no to her!?? Just for future reference, I will not answer her calls this time of year next year. Those are gone now. So, I am sure the scale will not be kind this week. I did make it to the gym yesterday and i am going this evening. I will just work extra hard and maybe the scale will at least stay the same.

I do need to get back on the self-talk wagon.
I hate cookies!
I hate coke! (As i sit here sipping!)
(Seriously, can I just get a caffine injection or how about a sucker?)
I hate icecream,
I hate chocolate,

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