Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More triumph

Well, last week I lost THREE pounds! It is just crazy! Not easy by any stretch and I do not expect to have a week like that this week. I am down 7 altogether and it is starting to sink in that I CAN DO THIS!!

Over the weekend I was at my parents and my mother is the biggest food pusher on the planet! She is trying to lose but you would never know it when you visit. She had a tub of cookies ready to go (for the kids she says) who ends up eating them??? Then before bed there was the run for ice cream. I declined my own bowl, another triumph. I knew GK would never eat all that she was given and I would end up finishing hers. I only had a few bites.

My clothes are feeling loose and I feel good. Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to go get some new pants!!

OH and my original goal was to lose 10lbs by my birthday (I thought I would start small so I wouldn't fail). Well, it is looking good, only 3 more to go for that. Maybe I will up it by a few more pounds once the first 10 come off. We'll see!!

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