Friday, March 20, 2009

Feeling blobby

Grrr... yep i am offically back at square one. This sucks... yes I am going to have a little pitty party here for myself before i get back on the wagon. I had 2 weeks of blah. One week due to crazy hectic schedules, I didn't get into the gym but once, the next week I had some fun and BAM back to fat ass square one. My pants feel extra tight today and my belly feels extra squishy, in spite of the the new ab workout I start two days ago. I totally feel blobby today.

SERIOUSLY... is this it? Is this what I have to do for the rest of my freakin' life? Work out every day, drink only water, eat only crumbs? That is what I did the week I dropped 3 lbs... I guess I have to either accept being fat or accept the challenges of working out. Don't get me wrong... I like to work out, I really do (most days)... it is just such a pain to work around WD schedule and the kids and GRRRRR.

More ranting... my skinny friend here at work was admiring my lunch yesterday. It was tasty leftovers from a quicky meal I had cooked the night before. It is not a terrible meal when eaten in portion. It has chicken and pasta and it is a Macaroni Grill dish that they put in a box and you put together at home. Clever! I love these. Anyway, she says mmm that looks tasty, and I said yeah I cooked it last night it is one of the macaroni grill numbers, they are so good. And she says, yeah I know I cooked one last night but we didn't have any leftovers. She has a family of 4 so this makes sense and she says... I ate the whole thing myself, it was soo good I couldn't stop. WHAT?????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? First if i ate the whole thing I would probably pop, but second there are 5 servings in that box. and around 350 cal. per serving, let's do the math!! THIS IS SO SO SO WRONG!!

I digress... it is now Tuesday and after re-reading what I wrote up there, I almost deleted it but then that would take away from the "being honest" part of this journey. So, I was over reacting a bit. I am not at square one as it turns out. I did gain a pound but really, after all the fun I had, I can handle a pound. It was so worth it!!

Today I had taco bell for lunch (¡Gracias WD!) and a donut and numerous hershey's kisses. Disaster day... long walk this evening. :)

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