Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Acid beverage

I had to take a few days off from the blog biz. NJ got the tummy bug on Sunday so I was pretty busy, THEN I got the tummy bug yesterday. Yuck... I am feeling better today but decided to stay home. NJ is home with me too... we are just chillin'.

I decided to weigh myself yesterday (before the bug kicked my ass) and I have not lost one pound since I have started this little blog. Talk about frustrating! I am not going to let it get me down. I will keep moving forward with good eating habits. I think that all this is telling me is that I need to add a little action to my life. It is so hard right now though. Too dang cold outside and no room inside. What's a girl to do? I'll think of something.

Anywho, I have had a few weak moments. Monday at school someone brought in cookies. They were sitting there for the morning and I resisted. Then at lunch I caved. I told my co-worker how they had been staring at me and I was just going to have to have one. As I got up to reach she says "go ahead but they aren't very good". It was like they had suddenly turned into venomous snakes. I retracted my hand like a whip and off I went. No cookie... I'll call that a victory! After I got home from work I had to face reality and go grocery shopping despite my extreme exhaustion. I caved and grabbed a mountain dew. Not even a diet one, fully loaded. (Notice I didn't grab a diet coke, that would have put me at square one for sure) Off I went. I drank the bubbly sugar in the car and it was awful!! Even after the first few guzzles... it never improved. I did drink the whole thing, which was a mini can by the way, I needed the caffine and boy was I wired!! I won't have another though I don't think. It was down right nasty! So, the last weak moment was that night, GK wanted her chocolate milk. I made her some and thought, what the heck, the milk will do me some good and adding the chocolate won't add too much to the daily count. So after a week of telling myself that I hate chocolate, the chocolate milk tasted like chalk. I guess i won't be drinking that again. The big test will be when i finally do have a diet coke, we'll see if I have really re-trained my brain! By the way, I hate diet coke! It is nasty and tastes like acid. Why would I even try one?

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