Saturday, January 3, 2009

Special event eating...

The day after tomorrow is back to the grind. I have truly enjoyed the past two weeks of chaos but I am ready for some routine and normalcy (is that a word? it looks weird).

Yesterday was a great day. I didn't eat any extra garbage except movie theater popcorn. Which, if you have kids you need to go see Bolt! It was adorable and GK loved it! NJ got to stay home with a sitter all to herself for the first time. The sitter did not run out screaming so I guess she did okay!

I managed to avoid my morning coke but then had one at the theater. I guess that is considered a special event and permissible on my plan. Like how I make up the rules as I go along? Me too! I just need to keep a limit on those special events! I have a tendency to label many things special events to excuse bad eating. What, no time to go grocery shopping? Special event McD's! Oh darn, I didn't take anything out of the freezer, special event Puccini's... WD got home late? Special event Red Lobster. These special events really hurt my budget so I can look at this limit as a benefit to my body AND my bank account!

Tonight we are going to eat out. We received a gift card and are going to use it. I am not going to make this an excuse to eat poorly though. I will order mindfully, no excuses!

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