Friday, January 2, 2009

Today is the day...

Well, here we are day 2 into the new year. I am not one for resolutions but I have to admit that this little blog and the goals tied to it are very resolution-y. It is early still today but I feel strong and determined. I started out with a great breakfast and will only eat when i am hungry. Period.

After the weekend things are going to really get crazy. Break will be over and I will be back to juggling my job which sometimes feels like 80 hours a week, my 4 year old, my nearly 6 month old, my husband, my home, my diet... wow that is a list. It is all entirely by choice and I really wouldn't change anything... except having to grade papers. My job would be perfect if I didn't have to grade the darn papers. Yesterday GK had a play date and the mom of this little girl kept saying to me over and over, I don't know how you do it. Honestly, I don't think I am Wonder Woman, or even Bat girl. I just do the things that make me most happy. It gets crazy, my house is always a wreck and I am usually very tired at the end of every day but I am also very happy. Well, for the most part... if I could dump 30 pounds I would feel much better... If I could drop 50, I'll run a marathon, I swear. Okay, I guess I better not set that kind of goal because I will intentionally sabotage myself. I HATE running!

Well, NJ is telling me it is time to check back in so until next time...

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