Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday already

It is back to the grind. Sadly, I have a serious sinus problem today. I hope it gets better before the real fun starts tomorrow. It only makes sense to get sick right as I have to go back to work... of course!!

I think it is going to be easy to stay on program during the week at work. I don't have time to just sit and eat eat eat. The one obstacle I see here is that everyone seems to bring in crap to stick in the office for everyone else to graze on. Why does it seem that when this happens, I am the only one who gains 10 pounds the next day? It has been nearly impossible for me to stay away from the goodies in the past. Donuts anyone? Sure, I'll have three thanks. Candy? Okay, I'll eat most of it, don't you worry! Every time I walk in there I grab a handful of whatever. I make excuses to go in there just to get a sweet fix. This must be what it is like to be addicted to crack.

Today is different! I have managed to go in there and avoid the goodies! I had one, not ten, just one little reese peanut butter cup. That's it! I am so proud of myself! I ate a sensible breakfast, I had a fiber one bar before lunch, I had a small lunch and now it is just auto-pilot until dinner, which is still several hours away but I think i will be okay.

So here is another great accomplishment... NO COKE!! That's right! I didn't have one today in the morning, I didn't have one yesterday, and I didn't have one the day before that!! Whew! I have been drinking lots of water. I hope to see results soon! I will keep myself posted, right here on this little blog. :)

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