Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Reward Thyself With Food

Well, yesterday was a bad day. It started off as usual with a decent breakfast but then there was that bag of goodies staring me down in the office. I ate 2 reeses peanut butter cups. God bless my dear friend ... she saw me put one in my mouth and was yelling at me "Don't do it!" but I did anyway. Then we sat down to lunch and I ate pretty well but then another co-worker walks in with truffles... oh yum... she offers them up and I knew instantly that I had to have one but my friend was sitting next to me and I just didn't want to hear about it. I got so fixated on it though... as soon as she left the room, SWOOP, I grabbed one and sucked it down.

Last night was another friend's birthday, she and I started WW together years ago. She kept going and lost 50 lbs last year. She is amazing. Anyway, she quit going and it starting to gain again. We had a great talk about weight and being real. It was nice to talk to someone who knows rather than my above mentioned friend who is the size of a twig and has no clue the grip food can have!! So, back to the birthday, we went to Carabas which is not a great place to eat if you are trying to lose, but oh well, it was just one night and I decided that the day was already trashed anyway so why not?... It wasn't pretty but I was happy. I got to catch up and reminisce with old friends.

So I have to back up a couple of days and share a good one. There were a few days there that I was doing pretty well so I decided that at the end of the day I could have a little ice cream... 3 nights in a row. Drum Sticks, my fav. I love them!! Well, Monday night I decided to just check in on these little goodies to see what the damage really was. They're small, how bad can it be??? WHHHHHAAAAAA, this is me screaming like a baby. EIGHT points!!!!!! That is more than a flippin' meal!! New rule: Thou Shalt Not Reward Thyself With Food.

BUT I still have not had a Diet coke. Not one, not even when I ate out last night. I had water. That counts for something right??

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